About You

You are:

  • A small business owner/family business owner 

You require assistance in management of your personal assets, company’s assets and perhaps the assets of the company pension fund. You may benefit from us calculating your ‘number’ – what you need to save, earn and/or sell the business for to reach and maintain financial independence sooner not later. Investments will require individual design and risk/reward trade offs to meet your wider objectives. There is often a very close link between personal and business finances.

  • A retired couple

You may be living largely from your investment capital. You need to know if you will outlive your capital or if your capital will outlive you. If you have ‘too much’ then you may require a spending or gifting plan to distribute surplus capital. Estate planning issues could well influence how best to structure your affairs. In investment terms, you may need a portfolio that grows enough to protect your assets from the threat of inflation, but with down-side risk strictly controlled.

  • A couple planning for retirement (or to work less)

As you have a few years to go before retirement, you need to know if what you have done so far is enough. Your investment, retirement and estate plans require an in-depth review.

Up until now, your investment portfolio has more than likely been ‘growth’ oriented. Since access to investments is not essential, more portfolio volatility may be tolerable. We also check that your investment options of your employer pension plan(s) are in line with your wider goals and risk tolerance.

  • A recent widow or widower 

You may well have limited (if any) investment experience and will be going through an emotionally challenging time. In the shorter term, we aim to ensure you have enough to live on.

We create your lifetime financial plan and a portfolio designed to ensure you can continue to lead and maintain your chosen lifestyle. You may well want more than one financial planning meeting per annum – especially in the early years – as we help you get to grip with money. We act as your trusted adviser – pulling everything together for you.

  • The suddenly wealthy 

Sudden wealth can come about as a result of a business sale, lottery win or perhaps an inheritance. You require a trusted third party to manage your new-found wealth and to calculate the investment return and portfolio you need to ensure your life goals are reached. How much risk, if any, do you need to take on? You will typically be very busy and need your trusted adviser to create a financial blueprint freeing you up to pursue the life you want to lead.


You’ve possibly bought financial products and investments – but still have a nagging doubt if what you’ve done so far is ‘enough’ or even the right thing.

You seek peace of mind. You see confidence, clarity and control over your financial life.

You will typically have in excess of £200,000 in investable assets (excluding property) and/or household income typically in excess of £75,000 per annum.

Without proper financial planning placing you and your life at the centre, there is a danger that you can have all the savings, pensions, income and assets going – but might not get the lifestyle you deserve.

You could end up working for longer – when you should be ‘playing’ and doing the things you love to do.

You now require a real financial planner you can speak with on your own level who will help you answer the “bigger” questions and then pull it all together.