Long Term Value

“Our expertise and client-centred approach have enriched many individuals and businesses over the years. Here, necessarily in brief, are some examples.”

1. A husband and wife team, sole directors of a successful manufacturing company supplying the offshore energy industry, were advised by an IFA and a chartered accountant and had various savings and investment plans in place, yet still felt something was missing. They had not asked themselves the big questions, in particular how much they needed to sell their business for in order to retire and start doing the things they most love to do. We helped the clients to clarify their dreams and aspirations, and then used our software to accurately calculate the sale value that would allow them to become financially independent. We also recommended life and serious illness insurance, so that if disability strikes, money can come into the firm. We continue to meet regularly to ensure plans stay on track. Key value added point: meaningful, ʻbig pictureʼ financial planning that helps our clients decide how to live their lives and makes it possible.

2. Mr & Mrs FW, in their fifties, came to us after reading a newspaper article written by Iain Wishart. They had retirement plans in place but no idea of what income these would produce, nor indeed of what their retirement goals would be apart from a desire to travel. We identified that to meet their chosen lifestyle and not run out of money they required a return of 5% on their capital, and re-structured their portfolio from 100% equities to a better-diversified portfolio with lower charges. Key added value point: our financial planning approach enabled the clients to live the life they want to lead and retire two years earlier than they previously thought possible.

3. The owner-directors of a media company wanted to reduce their exposure to tax on the sale of two commercial buildings, boost their inadequate pension pots, and protect the business and their families in case of death in service. We set up a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) for each director and transferred ownership of the buildings into these. With a lease-back arrangement paying rent to the SIPPs, a higher retirement income was made available. We also arranged life cover for families, and co-ordinated the work of surveyors, solicitors and the SIPP provider to ensure that £65,000 of corporation tax relief could be reclaimed in the current tax year. Key added value points: tax knowledge, property law knowledge, SIPP expertise, client focus.

Our financial planning approach and our technical know how make a tangible, long-term difference for our clients.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax planning and advice.