Professionalism and trust

” Trust is not a given. It has to be earned. Technical excellence and transparent fees are a good place to start that process.”

We see higher level financial qualifications as an expectation rather than a benefit. Applied skills and experience matter just as much. Ours is a business of doing – not of just knowing.

Both our administration and client facing staff hold relevant qualifications.

Iain Wishart has been awarded both the Certified Financial Planner professionalCM professional status from the Institute of Financial Planning (more information here: ) and also individual Chartered Financial Planner status from the Chartered Insurance Institute (more information here: )

These qualifications are seen as the ʻgold standardʼ of financial planning professional qualifications.

In addition, as a firm Wishart Wealth Management Ltd earned Chartered Financial Planner status in April 2010.

This allows us to demonstrate our professional commitment to raising standards of knowledge, capability and ethical practice. As a Chartered firm we ensure staff members acquire and retain the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver the highest quality advice. We must also work in an ethical manner that places our clientsʼ interests at the heart of the advice we give. A copy of the ethical code we follow is available upon request – we always place our client needs ahead of our own.

With fewer than 720 firms of this standard in the UK (as at February 2013), Chartered Financial Planner status remains an exclusive and valuable distinction. It carries weight with other professional firms and distinguishes us from our competitors and peers.

We carry out a rigorous continuing professional development program to keep our skills up to date (not less than 50 hours per annum).

We are passionate about REAL financial planning. We believe in-depth financial planning should always come before any product based advice i.e. once it’s been proven that a financial product is actually required.

We want you to be financially independent – thatʼs what we do for people.

Financial independence to us is for you to wake up one day and if you do go to work that is a lifestyle choice.